My friend Natasha recently introduced me to this fun link-up from A Mama Collective. I used to wonder how to find other blogs to follow that I would really enjoy, and have realized link-ups are definitely a great way to find awesome blogs! This link-up is basically about what’s currently going on in life, anything that’s on your mind…almost as if we’re on a coffee date chatting about life! Those are my FAVE, and I love to think of having a coffee date with everyone who reads my blog!

Thinking about //

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how last year at this time, our lives changed in one of the biggest and most amazing ways. Last September, Stuart and I spent a week in Orlando, where he joined staff with Cru. I had already been on staff for 5 years, and having him join me in ministry was one of the best days of my life. When I joined staff years before, I remember writing a prayer in my journal asking God that my husband would be on staff with Cru. I realized living life in ministry and raising a family in ministry was something that I deeply desired. However, after marrying Stuart, (since he wasn’t on staff and had no desire to join staff at the time) I figured it was one of the many prayers that had the answer “no, I have something different planned for you.” But nope, God’s answer to my prayer was actually, “just wait, I have some work to do in both of you first.” Pretty cool how God works. 


We also met some of the greatest people ever that week, who have since become some of my best friends. Since I’ve moved a ton throughout my life, I can sometimes “dread” making new friends, but this trip taught me that God has amazing people all over the globe, and I need to always keep my heart open to new opportunities and new friends. 

Celebrating //

This blog will officially be 1 year old tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s been an entire year!! I still have so much to learn, and so far to grow, but I’m so thankful for the people I’ve met and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

Anticipating //

Our 2nd wedding anniversary next week! It’s crazy to think about all the things that have happened in our life since we got married…3 apartments, 1 pup, 1 huge career change, and 1 babe on the way! We’re going to a small lake in northern Indiana for just 2 days, and counting it as a combined anniversary/babymoon trip! I’m beyond excited to be getting away, even just for a couple days, with my man!

Wedding Pic

Reading // 

I just finished Unbroken last night, which was SUCH a good book! It took a little bit to get into it, but once you get to the good stuff, it doesn’t slow down! It’s a true story and Louie Zamparini, who was a World War II POW in Japan, and it’s coming out as a movie this year. (I always like to read the book first!) If you haven’t read it, you won’t regret it. 

So now that I’m finished with Unbroken, I’m going to begin let’s all be brave. I’ve seen this book mentioned by a ton of bloggers I follow, so I’m sure it’ll be a great read. I’m not always the best at being brave in situations I’m not comfortable with, so I think this will be a good encouragement and challenge to me!


That’s all for this week! What are you currently thinking about, celebrating, anticipating and/or reading?


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