You know, there’s something to be said for correspondence. The word itself sounds beautifully old fashioned, and like it should be partnered with candle light and an ink dipped quill. Well, I don’t have a quill, I suppose I could write by candle light, but no matter which way it’s done, there’s nothing like TRUE correspondence. 

NOT texting.

NOT emailing.

NOT Facebooking, Instagramming, Snap Chatting or Tweeting.

[oh, and NO autocorrect.] 







Periods, commas and question marks.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting snail mail. Call me old fashioned, but it takes someone time, effort and a whopping 49 cents to write, address and send a letter or card. And in the world of social media making communication easy and immediate, that’s no small feat. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate a personal email or even a quick “I was thinking about you” text. I get the whole “who’s got time for that?” thing. (Hellooo I have a 3 month old.) But there’s something about actually writing a letter or card to someone just because you want to say hi. I text just as much as the next person, (ok, let’s be serious, I probably text just as much as a high schooler…) and I love the ease and availability of being able to send a quick text when I don’t have a ton of time. But come on…you KNOW you feel special when you get a card in the mail with your address NOT typed by a computer, or in one of those see-through plasticy jobs that are usually bills. 


So that’s basically it, I’ll get off my soap box now. All I’m saying is old fashioned isn’t always bad. Sometimes it’s quite charming. And thanks to my mother-in-law and her awesome card-making friend, I have a freshly restocked card collection, and feel like an excited school girl at the prospect of sending some fun, personal snail mail. That’s all :)

                           xoxo jenn    

P.S. (Remember that? It’s something that goes at the bottom of a letter as a kind of after thought…hashtag yes I’m being annoyingly facetious…and yes, facetious is one of my favorite words to use.) If you don’t receive a card from me, I’m sorry…I do have to live in reality sometimes. And with a 3 month old, a lot of my life ends up in the realm of “who’s got time for that?” which isn’t always conducive to correspondence. But I love my kid to death, so there’s that too.