Children’s Book Reviews

The Gift That I Can Give for little ones by Kathie Lee Gifford

This book is one of the sweetest books I’ve ever read! How many times have we as mothers told our kids they couldn’t do something because they’re “too little?” Well this book is here to say even though they’re little, they can still move mountains.

Written in a beautifully illustrated, durable board book, Katie Lee Gifford gives children hope that even something as “little” as an extra hug, or a visit to a sick friend, can be a gift to make someone’s life better.

This book is so sweet, I want to buy a copy for every little one I know!!

Jesus Calling: The Story of Christmas by Sarah Young

As my son continues to grow older, he continues to ask more and more questions about Christmas. I’ve been looking for some great books to share with him about the true meaning of Christmas and why it’s more important to focus on Jesus than Santa, and this one will be a special one for years to come. 

In Sarah Young’s signature style of many of her Jesus Calling books, she uses scripture and devotions throughout her book, as she teaches children that Christmas began even before Jesus was born- it began at Creation! 

If you’re looking for a great Christmas book to share with your children this Christmas season, this is one I highly recommend! You will fall in love with it, just as I have!

Love Does for kids by Bob Goff and Lindsay Goff Viducich

I was so excited when I saw this book had been written! I absolutely loved Bob Goff’s first book, Love Does, and have been wanting to read his follow up, Everybody, Always. But the fact that he revamped his original book to target children? Love love love!!

If you read Bob’s original book, this one will warm your heart just as much. With whimsical illustrations and the same heart behind his words, Love Does for kids will be a staple in every home for years to come. 

The Cow Said Neigh! by Rory Feek

What happens when animals start wishing they were other animals? You end up with cows saying “neigh,” sheep saying “snort,” and a dog saying “meow!” In a fun way, author Rory Feek shows kids how to be confident in who God made them uniquely. The grass is always greener on the other side, and it’s never too early for kids to realize that their uniqueness is what makes them special.

Little Critter Little Blessings Collections by Mercer Mayer

Ok, WHO doesn’t LOVE Little Critter?? I remember reading Little Critter when I was younger, so I just LOVE that my son is getting into the stories as well. 

This book is super cute, and definitely one that will remain a classic on our bookshelf. It includes 4 stories: 

  • You Go First
  • Being Thankful
  • It’s True!
  • We All Need Forgiveness

Each story is beloved in our home already, and my son just cannot get enough!

I Prayed for You by Jean Fishcer

This book is absolutely adorable!! Both the pictures and the message throughout the pages. The book is all about surrounding your little one(s) in prayer, and surrounding them with those prayers before they head for dreamland. Reminding your children that you have been praying for them before they were even in this world, and you will continue to pray for them every day of their lives. Kids will find comfort in the prayers of their parents, and this book is a great way to explain those important prayers to your little ones.

When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner

If you enjoyed Turner’s previous book, When God Made You, you will LOVE this one!! All about how God not only created light out of nothing, but also placed light inside each child so they can use it to change the world, this book will affect both you and your children in life changing ways. Gorgeously illustrated pages, sweet lyrical words, and an amazing message, When God Made Light is sure to be a family favorite for years. 

Night Night, Jungle by Amy Parker

I am a HUGE fan of Amy Parker’s, as you can see by the amount of books in this review post written by her! And Night Night, Jungle is, quite honestly, one of my very favorites! It’s full of fun animals, that you don’t often see in books, (like pigs and cows and sheep…) but instead with lemurs and sloths! I’m excited to see if my sons recognizes any animals from this book next time we go to the zoo! 

Seriously, this book is adorable, and has become one of our very favorite bedtime stories!

Finding Gobi for little ones by Dion Leonard

Finding Gobi started out as an adult level book, a true story of an ultramarathoner and a stray dog who joined his race in China and stayed with him the rest of the race. This version for little ones was created into a board book and is incredibly adorable. What started out as a competition for intense runners ended as a story of unexpected friendship between a man and a stray dog.

Because they were running across the Gobi dessert in China, the runner, Dion, named the dog Gobi and the rest was history! 

Night Night, Farm by Amy Parker

I’m a huge fan of Amy Parker’s book, and this one does not disappoint! In addition to her rhyming words, colorful pictures and sweet mentions of mommies, daddies and God, this book has a touch-and-feel concept on each spread for little learners! From moo moo cows to oink oink piggies, to kittens wanting one more sip of milk, to lambs counting sheep in their dreams, it’s an adorable book that will help make some sweet bedtime memories for parents and children! It’s a precious one I’m so glad to add to my Amy Parker collection! 

Jesus Calling Little Book of Prayers by Sarah Young

I am a huge fan of Jesus Calling, and am LOVING every single one of the children’s versions. It’s so important to teach young minds what it means to pray to God, and how easy it is to talk to Him about anything throughout their day. This book provides awesome examples that will show little ones how to pray through different topics, and each prayer has a short message that goes along with it. If you are a fan of Jesus Calling and you have children, this is a must for you!

Easter Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist

I have been a big fan of Glenys Nellist for a long time, so when I saw her new book, I was very excited to check it out! And I most definitely was not disappointed. Leading little ones through Holy Week from the Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection, Nellist explains Easter in a way that little minds will understand. The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching, and each story contains a love letter from God that little ones will love opening and reading. This is a GREAT tool for teaching children about Easter, and I’m so glad it’s been added to my children’s library!!

Lizzy the Lioness by Lisa Bevere

Bravery isn’t always about facing scary situations with big muscles and confidence. Sometimes it means knowing you can’t handle it and asking for help. This is the lesson Lizzy the Lioness will teach children, who will quickly fall in love with the fun feline. I am such a fan already, and I know this book will be a favorite of my children for years to come!

5 Minute Bible created by Stephen Elkins


I absolutely LOVE this sweet Bible! Literally each story will take about 5 minutes to read, short and sweet, but chock full of Biblical wisdom to little minds and hearts! Each story includes a short synopsis of a Bible story, an application for little minds, and a song that goes along with the story. 

For example: the story about Job talks through what happened to him, but ends with the application that, “we should praise the Lord in good times and bad. Job praised the Lord, even in bad times. I will praise the Lord all the time!” Then it ends with the song “God is So Good.” 

It’s a great book, and I absolutely love that it includes a song with each story! 

Night Night Train by Amy Parker


I am a HUGE fan of Amy Parker, I own many of her books, and I couldn’t be happier to have added this one to my library of children’s books. With two sons, trains are a common theme in our daily lives, so this book is a great one to read before bedtime. With colorful pictures, and rhyming words, children will love to unwind from their day to this sweet read. 

My Jesus Bible 


I am in LOVE with this book!! It’s a perfect book to give little kids as their first Bible. It’s ALL about Jesus, beginning with when the angel came to Mary, and finishing when Jesus ascended into Heaven. It’s colorful pictures will draw children into the stories, and the handle will allow them to carry it with them to church, or wherever they want! This book is a super cute addition to your kids bookshelf and one they will love for many years!

My Great Big God by Andy Holmes


This book is GREAT! [See what I did there?] No, but it seriously is. It’s all about how great God is, with each story’s title incorporating a different great aspect of God. At the end of each story it also explains in a short statement how God’s greatness involves His children. For example, the story about Peter walking on the water is titled, A Great Big Walk, and the statement at the end says, “my great big God helps us when we’re scared.” 

This is a perfect book for young children, helping them to learn about different aspects of God’s character and how He is involved with every aspect of our lives, and is there for us always! The illustrations are colorful and invite kids into the stories, and because it’s a board book, it’s durable for little hands to hold!

Jesus Loves Me


This book is seriously SO cute. It’s my son’s newest favorite! You can read or sing it, and the illustrations of different animals playing instruments and playing together are heart-warming. It’s a board book with a padded cover, so it’s great for little ones. I’ve loved reading/singing it to my son and having him learn some of the words to one of my most beloved songs!

Love Letters from God, Bible Stories for a Girls Heart by Glenys Nellist


Glenys Nellist has quickly become one of my favorite children’s authors, and this book definitely does not disappoint! This sweet book is perfect for little girls’ hearts. There are 14 stories about women in the Bible, from Eve to Esther to Mary Magdalene. Each story includes a sweet lift-the-flap love letter directly from God to the little owner of the book. I am so in love with this book, and plan to buy it for every little girl in my life!

The Beginner’s Bible Noah and the Noisy Ark


I am a HUGE fan of all things The Beginner’s Bible. And just like every single other book they publish, this one did not disappoint. My 2 year old son is already enamored with the animals, Noah and the big boat he built. The pictures are classic Beginner’s Bible: colorful and delightful, and the words are simple, and easy for little minds to understand and remember. This is a wonderful book to help little ones begin to learn Bible stories. 

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner


I cannot say enough about how wonderful this book is!! From an early age, kids are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. This book helps them discover that God has a specific plan for their lives, and he didn’t make any mistakes with how he created them. With rhyming, sweet words and vivid, colorful illustrations, this book will quickly become a favorite among parents and kids alike. I can’t recommend it enough!!

The Berenstain Bears, Friendship Lessons Collection by Jan & Mike Berenstain


I don’t know about you, but I grew up on the Berenstain Bears! I loved reading about Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Sister Bear and Brother Bear. They were one of my favorite families! So when I saw this collection of books- 5 in 1 all about friendship, I was so excited. 

The Berenstain Bears never let you down. Sometimes Brother and Sister Bear do naughty things, but they always learn how to say they’re sorry, and grow from their mistakes. This selection of books will become a classic in our home, and I’ve loved introducing my 2 year old to some of my favorite childhood characters!

God Loves Mommy & Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen


This book is ADORABLE!!! Between the rhyming words, colorful pages, and awesome message about God’s love, this is one of the best bedtime board books I’ve ever read! Bunny and his mom go throughout their day with lots of moments to reflect on God’s love shown to the baby through the mom’s love. 

The message of the book encourages kids to not be afraid to try new things, to mess up, and to remember to say their prayers. It’s a feel-good book for all children and mommies to read!

Thank you, God, for Grandpa by Amy Parker


I could seriously go on and on about how awesome Amy Parker’s children books are. This is the fourth one I own. I am thrilled with these grandparent books (see my review of her Grandma book below) because the very first page she recognizes different names for grandparents. My dad is called, “Papa,” so it’s fun to finally see a Grandfather book include that name! 

These books all have wonderful messages, colorful pictures and rhyming words. They’re great for bedtime reading, and now when grandparents come to visit, they’ll be excited to have a special book to read with their grandkids! 

Thank You, God, for Grandma by Amy Parker


I love every single book Amy Parker writes, and this one is no different. I was especially excited about this book because so many Grandma books are just about that: Grandma. But they leave out the Nana’s, Mimi’s and Gigi’s. But this one doesn’t. And that matters to me because my mom is called Mimi, and my mother-in-law is called Nana.

The very first page addresses some different names given to Grandma’s, and every page following is as sweet as can be. The illustrations are colorful, the words are joyful and rhyming, and the overall message is full of love. This could be the perfect Mothers Day gift for lots of wonderful Grandma’s, Nana’s, Mimi’s etc. out there! 

Same Kind of Difference As Me for Kids by Ron Hall and Denver Moore


This book is a MUST read for every parent and child. It’s the children’s adaptation of the book Same Kind of Difference as Me, which is also a must read for everyone. I don’t want to give away the plot, because it’s just that good, but it’s for anyone who wants to read a story about very different people coming together and helping each other. When we put aside our differences, we can create something so beautiful and make the world a better place. Read this book, you won’t regret it!

Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury by Bonnie Rickner Jensen


This is a great bedtime book!! Each story is only 5 minutes, so when your child asks for another one, you don’t have to worry about reading for another half hour ;) Each story has a Bible verse theme, and a “Bedtime Treasure” to remind children how the story relates back to God. And each story finishes off with a short prayer for kids to say before bed. 

The pictures are colorful and fun, so your children will love to flip through the book as they learn truths about God and His immense love for them! This is a keeper, and one you’ll love reading with your children night after night! 

Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories by Bonnie Rickner Jensen


This book is an awesome addition to your bedtime ritual with your kids. It provides over 90 stories that tell kids about God’s love and creation. Not only does it have beautiful and fun pictures, the words are catchy and rhyming, providing kids with an early interest for hearing about God. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my son reading through this book, and know that it will be a favorite for years to come!

The Beginner’s Bible


The Beginner’s Bible was my very first Bible! I still remember sitting in my room on my bed as a little girl, reading the stories and looking at the pictures. I was so excited to see an updated version [not that there’s anything wrong with the old one!] to give to my son as his first Bible! I love the stories chosen for this book, from Adam and Eve to Jesus’ life, this Bible will be a favorite of children and parents alike! 

The Beginner’s Bible Stories About Jesus 


I am a huge fan of The Beginners Bible [see above!] so when I saw there was a book specifically with stories about Jesus I got excited!! This book has every charm of The Beginners Bible with more stories about the life of Jesus. It’s a great read for little ones, as well as one for parents to read with their children. It is a great resource to help children learn about Jesus and fall in love with who He is!

Snuggle Time Psalms by Glenys Nellist


I was very excited when I saw this book, due to LOVING “Snuggle Time Prayers” by the same author. (Reviewed below) 


The illustrations are just as beautiful, and each “story” or Psalm, has a different adorable animal. The Psalm used is written at the top, and then turned into rhyming text to help children engage with the verse(s). This book is a great one for bedtime, and introducing little ones to the book of Psalms and to the love of their Savior. 

The book is a padded board book, easy for little ones to hold and turn the pages. 

Check out Snuggle Time Psalms on Amazon.

My Little Prayers illustrated by Diane Le Feyer


I’ve never read a “My Little” book before, but this one will definitely make me want to buy more for my son and future kids! It’s set up into different topical prayers on: 

  • My Day
  • My Mealtime
  • My Bedtime
  • My Family and Friends
  • My Favorite Things
  • My Feelings
  • My Special Days
  • My Time with God

The prayers are taken from the Bible, traditional prayers, prayers from countries and a number of different authors and people. It’s a great book to read together with children to get them used to praying for different reasons throughout their day. 

The book is child-sized, and the pictures are colorful and sweetly illustrated to match up to the prayer they go with. If you’re wanting to teach your child about prayer, and different types of prayers, this book is a great one to use!

Check out My Little Prayers on Amazon.

Read with Me Bible by Doris Wynbeck Rikkers


This is a GREAT board book Bible!!! With 8 different stories, some from the Old Testament, and some from Jesus’ life, it’s a great introduction to some of the best known Bible stories for little ones!

The illustrations are vibrant and cartoon-esque that will definitely draw kids in. The stories are short and sweet, but definitely packed with meaning. And since it’s a board book, it will hold up for a long time! I know this will be a favorite in our house! 

Check out Read with Me Bible on Amazon.

First Virtues // 12 Stories for Toddlers by Dr. Mary Manz Simon


I absolutely love this book! I already can’t wait to read it with Knox as he gets older. The words rhyme, the pictures are fun and colorful, and the message is clear. Each story is about a different animal, and a different virtue. It’s not super wordy, instead allowing for a fun message on each page. 

My favorite part is that after each story is a “Parent Connection,” that helps parents know the verse that the story is built upon, why each certain virtue may be difficult for young minds to grasp, and ways to be looking out for when your child displays each virtue. 

For example, the first chapter, “Kitty Shows Kindness,” is taken from 2 Timothy 2:24, “Be kind to everyone.” And the book suggests to watch out for you child being kind in the following ways: 

  • draws a picture for a sick friend
  • shops for a birthday present for someone else
  • reaches out to hold a friend’s hand
  • picks up trash that missed the wastebasket
  • pets an animal gently

This is a great book for shaping young minds with great virtues such as kindness, honesty, patience, gratitude, obedience and many more. 

Check out First Virtues on Amazon.

Night Night, Mommy by Amy Parker

I saw this book after reading “Night Night, Daddy” [below] and of COURSE had to get it since it was about a Mommy! I loved the Daddy book so much, I knew the Mommy book would be a cute one too.

I have to admit, I like the Daddy book better. Maybe it’s the foxes as opposed to otters, maybe it’s the storyline, but the Daddy book definitely wins in my opinion. Nevertheless, I still like this one, and plan on reading it to Knox many nights to come!

Just like the Daddy book, it’s about a fun day between Mommy and child, their adventures at the library and zoo, and then their bedtime routine. Dinner, bath, story time, prayers and of course bedtime snuggles. 

The board book has beautifully colorful pages, rhyming words and a great message. It’s a perfect book to read when winding down for the night. 

Check out Night Night, Mommy on Amazon. 

Night Night, Daddy by Amy Parker


Every time I see a kids book involving foxes, I have a hard time containing my excitement. When I saw this book, I jumped at it! [For those of you who may not know, my son’s name is Knox, and his nursery is fox themed. So we go crazy over foxes!] :) 

Knox’s library is growing rapidly, but this board book will definitely be a favorite! The pictures are big and colorful, the words are rhyming, and the storyline is adorable. 

The fox dad and son talk about their day as they get ready for bed, reminiscing about flying a kite, eating pancakes for dinner, splashing through bath time, looking up at God’s beautiful stars, having story time about Daniel and the lion’s den, saying their prayers together, and lastly cuddling up to say night night. 

If you like foxes, books about fathers and sons, and children’s books that point to God, this is an awesome one to get! 6 thumbs up from our family of 3 ;)

Check out Night Night, Daddy on Amazon.

Forever My Little Boy by Karen Kingsbury


I was immediately drawn to this book for a few reasons: I love Karen Kingsbury, and anything sweet and sentimental about having a little boy turns me into mush. And this book doesn’t disappoint. In the same way that Love You Forever by Robert Munsch will bring tears to the eyes of any mom of a little boy, knowing some day he’s going to be bigger than you, this book will cause lots of happy and sad tears to form in the eyes of every mom out there. 

It’s poetic style is sweet, and it will bring to memory lots of special times that parenting a little boy brings. Since Knox is only 14 months, lots of these memories are still to come, but I knew this would be a great keepsake, and a book I’d want on my shelf for many years to come. I hope to share it with him one day, and remind him how much I love him, and that just as the title says, he’ll forever be my little boy. [Pause to wipe away tears so I can keep typing…]

Check out Forever My Little Boy on Amazon.

Forever My Little Girl by Karen Kingsbury


Ok, before you wonder if there’s an announcement to be made: I bought this in hopes of having a daughter SOME DAY. [If you didn’t catch the hint, no, I’m not pregnant.] I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have this same book as a keepsake for a daughter someday. If I never have a daughter, I will gladly gift this to a friend or family member that does have a daughter. 

I love how this version talks about playing princesses, having tea parties, and a lot of the fun things I remember from my own childhood. I can’t wait to share this book with my potential daughter some day, and tell her about some of my very favorite memories of being a little girl myself. 

I really have nothing bad to say about these two books by Karen Kingsbury, like Love you Forever, by Robert Munsch, these will easily be keepsake books that every mom will read over and over with tears in her eyes, even as her kids grow up and move away from home. 

Check out Forever My Little Girl on Amazon.

7 Days of Awesome by Shawn Byous


This book is SO.MUCH.FUN. It’s about the 7 days of creation, set to fun rhymes, colorful pictures and relatable characters. A teacher shows some children what God created on each day, while flying around in space ships, and swimming in submarines. Kids will love learning about how God created everything, and on which days He did it. 

I originally thought this was a board book, which it’s not, so it’ll have to wait a few years before I introduce it to Knox, but I can’t wait until he’s old enough to not rip the pages out and appreciate the non-board side of books :)

Check out 7 Days of Awesome on Amazon.

God is Watching Over You by P.J. Lyons


Another GREAT children’s board book about God!! This one is a follow up to Thank You Lord for Everythingby the same author and illustrator. It follows a little lamb throughout his day, playing with his friends and onto bedtime, showing how God watches over him all along the way. 

The book is big, providing colorful, eye-catching pages, and the words are rhyming, showing the love between the family of sheep and how much God loves us by watching over us. 

It’s a great message for little hearts, to know even when they’re alone, God’s watching over them and protecting them. And since it goes through bedtime rituals, it’s a great book to read at bedtime! I loved Thank You Lord for Everything, and this one definitely lives up to its predecessor. 

Check out God is Watching Over You on Amazon.

Snuggle Time Prayers by Glenys Nellist

Snuggle Time Prayers

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…ANOTHER book review. And it’s ANOTHER children’s book. But let me just tell you, this book has quickly become one of my VERY favorites!! 

Snuggle Time Prayers is a rhyming book of prayers that you can read to and pray with your children. It even includes the verse that the prayer is taken from. 

I love collecting a vast array of books to read to my kids, and especially like having fun, inventive, colorful books about Jesus and prayers, and I’m not lying when I tell you this one is one of the best. I’m going to buy it for all my friends! You should do the same :) [and no, I don’t get compensated if you buy it- I just love it that much!!]

Check out Snuggle Time Prayers on Amazon.


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