I’ve realized lately that I need to accept that my life is most likely going to be constantly in a state of change. In the past 2 years I have changed:

  • the state I live in 2 times
  • homes 5 times
  • jobs 2 times
  • my marital status
  • my last name (yea it kind of goes with the one above, but it still felt like a big deal so I think it can be separate…)

And the changes aren’t stopping yet! A few months ago, my husband Stuart told me he felt God calling him to leave his job with Huntington Investment Company and join ministry with me. I was shocked because he had previously said he didn’t want to join ministry. But I am so excited now!! Last Tuesday was his last day of work and this week we are in Orlando, FL for “Mid-Career Training” with Cru (also known as Campus Crusade for Christ) to learn how to raise support for our new ministry with Athletes in Action.

AIA Pic4

As if all the changes in the past 2 years weren’t enough, in the next month we’ll be moving out of our beloved Columbus, Ohio townhouse and living back and forth between Pennsylvania and Indiana while we raise support for our new ministry.

Going from being on our own and having our own space to sharing space with parents will definitely be different, but at the same time we feel blessed to both have parents who strongly support this huge life change and will allow us to live with them rent free for as long as we need.

And knowing our life, there will probably be many more changes that come up along the way. The good thing is that we believe in a God who is unchanging, so no matter what changes happen in and around our lives, He is constant. Even when it feels like nothing is the same and everything new, we can lean on a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

I say bring on the adventure.

A life that is always the same sounds really boring to me!