Happy Birthday to my STUd.

Today is my guy’s 28th birthday. It’s crazy to think I’ve only known him for 2 1/2 years, but in that time, we met, our pastor convinced me to go out with him, we dated, got married, and started this crazy journey of Cru staff life. I’m so thankful for him in so many ways, but some of the top reasons are:

  • He kills the spiders and cleans out the mouse traps for me.
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I’ve realized lately that I need to accept that my life is most likely going to be constantly in a state of change. In the past 2 years I have changed:

  • the state I live in 2 times
  • homes 5 times
  • jobs 2 times
  • my marital status
  • my last name (yea it kind of goes with the one above, but it still felt like a big deal so I think it can be separate…)

And the changes aren’t stopping yet!

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“That” Girl.

wedding collage

I was so that girl. That girl who was CONVINCED I would never get married and would instead die alone. With 52 cats. And I HATE cats.

I didn’t really date in high school…or college…and only a little bit after college. I don’t know why, the right guy, or the could-be-the-right-guy just never came around. I had crushes, and I think guys had crushes on me, it just never ended up being something.

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