Baby Grand is Growing…Week 20.

Week 20

I cannot believe this week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy!! During the first trimester, when I was feeling so nauseous, it felt like each day lasted a whole month. But now it seems like I’ve blinked and I’m already half way through! Crazy.

I had planned on posting this on Monday, the first day of Week 20…I even had it all written up and everything.

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And Then I Got Pregnant… Part 1.

and then I got pregnant

If you are friends with me, or have read most of my past blog posts, you may have heard (or read) me say that a few years ago I was convinced I would never get married. I really did think that I was going to have to get past my hatred for cats, because becoming an old crotchety cat woman was in my future.

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It’s Time for A New Yardstick.

John Mayer Quote

 “She’s prettier.”

“She’s more athletic.”

“She’s a better mother.”

“She’s so much craftier.”

“She seems to never do anything wrong.”

“Every single guy is in love with her.”

“She’s skinnier and she eats whatever she wants!”

Sometimes I think part of being a woman is to struggle with comparison. And social media has only made it more difficult. I know throughout my life, comparison has definitely been one of my biggest struggles.

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#lifewithoutfilters: Perseverance.


Over the past few months, my posts have been mostly about living fully even while in limbo, being intentional in every moment, and creating authentic culture wherever that culture may be. Basically, keeping it real, right where you are. 

Even when you don’t necessarily love where you are.

Even when you don’t necessarily love what you’re doing.

Even when it feels like that certain thing you’re waiting for is taking FOR.EV.ER.

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Quiet Weekends.


This weekend I had one of those “life is definitely changing, and I think I’m ok with it” moments. Stuart and I really didn’t do much…Friday night he made dinner for his sister, Jessica, and me. It was fab. Saturday, we went to CrossFit, and then just relaxed the rest of the day. Yesterday, we tried a new church and I took a long, wonderful, perfect nap with Stell. 

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On pushing back deadlines and other ramblings.


Ever felt really overwhelmed by something? If you’re human and breathing, I’ll assume you said yes.

This past weekend, I planned on writing a blog post on something I’m really passionate about: FOOD. Not cooking it, or even eating it necessarily, but the struggle I’ve have with it. I have books I’m referencing, 2 friends I interviewed, and 27 years of experience of a love/hate relationship with the stuff.

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Becoming Small.

Be the lens, not the focus

There are people who love to be in the limelight, and people who shrink away from it. When I think of the former, I think of the class clown jokesters, who are constantly vying for everyone’s attention. Although I wouldn’t describe myself that particular way, I don’t necessarily mind attention when it’s given to me. I remember friends who, before getting married, talked about being nervous to be the center of attention on their wedding day.  

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#lifewithoutfilters: Let’s Be Real.

authentic culture

Now that it’s a few days into 2014, I’m really loving my theme for this year:


As I’ve thought about how I can be more intentional in my everyday life, I’ve thought a lot about how that can translate onto this blog. This made me start thinking about what kind of blogs I enjoy reading the most. Besides the DIY, home improvement and book list blogs, I really enjoy reading blogs where the author is being vulnerable and real about their life.

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Babies! (Not mine.)

Let me be straight with you. I haven’t gotten the flu yet this year, but I’ve been suffering from another type of “fever.” BABY FEVER. I know, a lot of you moms out there will tell me to not rush it, take my time, enjoy the calm silence of no screaming kids, and to spend as much time just Stuart and me as possible.

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