If you follow me on Instagram, or are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen a picture from our celebratory dinner at The Melting Pot on Saturday night…

Melting Pot Collage

…and let me just tell you, eating bread dipped in hot cheese (on the left), and a whole slew of amazing things dipped in melty chocolate (on the right) is the BEST way to celebrate.

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Baby Grand is Growing…Week 20.

Week 20

I cannot believe this week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy!! During the first trimester, when I was feeling so nauseous, it felt like each day lasted a whole month. But now it seems like I’ve blinked and I’m already half way through! Crazy.

I had planned on posting this on Monday, the first day of Week 20…I even had it all written up and everything.

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I Love You Mom!


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And although I sent my mom a card, wrote a little quirky post on Facebook, changed my profile picture like the rest of the world and talked to her on the phone, I still don’t feel like I was able to portray just how thankful I am for my mom. 


I’m going to be 28 next month, and I’m not shamed to admit there are still times when I just want my mom.

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Five Things Friday.


Today is brought to you by another 5 Things Friday post! Just 5 fun, sometimes random things going on in my life lately. 

  1. This video has been BLOWING up Facebook…and for good reason. It’s basically about “looking up” at the world around you, instead of keeping your face burrowed in your phone, computer, iPad, tablet, etc. I definitely think that social media is a great thing, but I agree with the premise of the video, that social media has definitely taken a piece of our lives away from us: true relationships.
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Follow Me.

follow me.

Have you ever read a verse in a random, unexpected place (i.e. NOT the Bible), but had it strike a chord in a way that it never has before? That happened to me the other day. I started reading the book, Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, and it mentioned Luke 9:62, just as a random thought of one of the characters. 

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It’s Time for A New Yardstick.

John Mayer Quote

 “She’s prettier.”

“She’s more athletic.”

“She’s a better mother.”

“She’s so much craftier.”

“She seems to never do anything wrong.”

“Every single guy is in love with her.”

“She’s skinnier and she eats whatever she wants!”

Sometimes I think part of being a woman is to struggle with comparison. And social media has only made it more difficult. I know throughout my life, comparison has definitely been one of my biggest struggles.

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#lifewithoutfilters: Perseverance.


Over the past few months, my posts have been mostly about living fully even while in limbo, being intentional in every moment, and creating authentic culture wherever that culture may be. Basically, keeping it real, right where you are. 

Even when you don’t necessarily love where you are.

Even when you don’t necessarily love what you’re doing.

Even when it feels like that certain thing you’re waiting for is taking FOR.EV.ER.

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Life’s Too Short.


After facing the death of my grandmother last week, I’ve learned a lot of things about the effects of a loved one’s death. It can get you so down that you choose to stay under the covers all day (which I did…ok, maybe not the WHOLE day, but close enough). It can cause you to take your grief out on those you love (which I also did…sorry Stuart).

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Keep Dancing Mor-Mor.


My beloved Mor-Mor went to be with Jesus on Saturday. You may be wondering where the name “Mor-Mor” came from. You’re not alone. “Mor-Mor” is the Swedish name for “mother’s mother,” but since the name for “father’s mother” is “Far-Mor,” she chose the one that sounded a little more grandmotherly.

Now if this conversation about the name “Mor-Mor” was being had around my dad, he’d most likely go into the story of how his dad, my Papa, would always joke about wanting to be called “Much-Mor.”

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Living in Limbo.

I wrote on Facebook a couple days ago about how I’ve been a little absent from blogging lately. Life has just been a little peculiar lately. I don’t really know what word to use, but kinda like “peculiar.” Last week, before we left for our trip to Arkansas, was just one of those weeks where you make plans, but they just totally don’t pan out, and you have to be ok with it.

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