Baby Grand.

You may or may not have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the blogging world for the past couple months. Well, if you’re on Facebook, and saw an announcement Stuart and I posted yesterday you might understand why… 

Baby Grand Announcement

“Baby Grand” is due January 5th, 2015!! 

For the first many weeks of pregnancy, I had nausea ALL.DAY.LONG. I kept telling myself it was a really good sign, but at the same time I wanted nothing to do with my computer, or really anything other than carbs and ginger ale.   

Stuart was my total hero, taking care of basically EVERYTHING, and not cooking certain foods for himself that I couldn’t handle the smell of. He took complete care of Stella, cooked (which for me meant trips to Wendy’s or Kroger for Pizza Rolls, Saltines and Ginger Ale), and not commenting on my less than attractive state of hygiene.  

Then at week 12 it was like a switch was flipped and I started feeling like a normal human being again! I could eat my favorite veggies again (asparagus!), and handle showering regularly. Now I can actually enjoy being pregnant! 

But let me rewind a little bit. One of my favorite parts of pregnancy so far, has been sharing our news with our family. Of course, Stuart was the first one to hear, after I got over the shock of there being 2 lines on the pregnancy test. I had been trying to think of a creative, elaborate way to tell him, but when it came down to the moment, (at 5:30am) all I had was my positive pregnancy test, and a little teddy bear-blanket that said “Baby Boilermaker.” But it was still pretty perfect. 

Baby Boilermaker

My sister-in-law, Annie kind of got the short end of the stick, since she was my go-to for advice and knew we were trying. So as soon as I texted her so early in the morning she knew the purpose. But she was still super excited.  We FaceTimed with my mom later that night and told her we wanted her to come visit us in Dayton in January…so she could be there for the birth of her next grandchild. Tears, smiles and lots of happiness followed. (Unfortunately, in the excitement of the moment, I forgot to take a screen shot of her shocked and excited face.)

I knew I wanted to do something creative to tell Stuart’s parents, as this baby will be the first grandchild on his side of the family. So, since the Grandlienards are all HUGE Sperry’s wearers, we bought a pair of baby Sperry’s and I made a little sign to share the news and gave them to Mary on Mother’s Day…her reaction was priceless, lots of tears, lots of smiles.

Baby Sperry's

And since Stuart’s brother, Jared, and his wife, Emily, weren’t able to make it to Mother’s Day, I made a little onesie to tell them: 

Aunt and Uncle Onsie

And last but not least was my Dad, who we told on Father’s Day. I sent him a Green Bay Packer’s newborn onesie and FaceTimed with him when he opened it. He was super shocked and super excited also! (And of course, I forgot to take a picture of the onesie and of him…)

So all in all, it’s been a great 15 weeks so far! 2 weeks ago we were even able to see our little guy or girl move…it was so crazy. (Especially since I couldn’t feel it yet.) Here’s a shot of our little peanut, and more will come in a few weeks at my 20 week ultrasound!

baby grand ultrasound

And lastly, since I’m finally starting to show a little, here’s belly bump pictures from the last few weeks: (Today I’m officially 15 weeks, so this week’s picture will be coming shortly.) 

baby bump collage

 Thanks for all your excitement with us as we anticipate our little guy or girl joining the family in 6 short months!!