Baby Grand is Growing // Week 21

Week 21

So far, this week has definitely been less “exciting” than last week…but I’m definitely not complaining! It’s been relaxing, restful and spent feeling my lil babe’s increasingly stronger kicks. One of the highlights was definitely going to my friend Sarah’s baby shower…especially when we hugged hello and our bellies bumped! She’s due in October and I’m so excited to have little baby friends with her! 

Bump Pic with Sarah

There’s not too much to report about Baby Grand this week since from now on most of his/her energy and growing is simply getting bigger, chubbier and stronger. But here are a few updates for this week!

  • Baby Grand looks very much like how he/she will look at birth, only smaller. 
  • He/she might be sucking their thumb a lot…which is a good thing as it’s helping them learn how to feed after their born!
  • Hair is growing on lil babe’s head, forming eyebrows and eyelashes. 
  • He/she is learning how to blink now, and has their eyes open some of the time. (Makes me wonder what their view looks like from in there!)
  • His/her facial features are formed. (Ahh I can’t wait to see what his/her lil face will look like!)
  • And one of the best parts of this week…I’m 20 weeks down with only 19 to go!! (So crazy.)

That’s about it…I promise I’ll be blogging about more than just Baby Grand’s updates! More coming this week, in fact. Can’t wait! Thanks for journeying along with our growing babe! Can’t wait to introduce him/her to everyone! Xoxo