Baby Grand is Growing // Week 21

Week 21

So far, this week has definitely been less “exciting” than last week…but I’m definitely not complaining! It’s been relaxing, restful and spent feeling my lil babe’s increasingly stronger kicks. One of the highlights was definitely going to my friend Sarah’s baby shower…especially when we hugged hello and our bellies bumped! She’s due in October and I’m so excited to have little baby friends with her! 

Bump Pic with Sarah

There’s not too much to report about Baby Grand this week since from now on most of his/her energy and growing is simply getting bigger, chubbier and stronger. But here are a few updates for this week!

  • Baby Grand looks very much like how he/she will look at birth, only smaller. 
  • He/she might be sucking their thumb a lot…which is a good thing as it’s helping them learn how to feed after their born!
  • Hair is growing on lil babe’s head, forming eyebrows and eyelashes. 
  • He/she is learning how to blink now, and has their eyes open some of the time. (Makes me wonder what their view looks like from in there!)
  • His/her facial features are formed. (Ahh I can’t wait to see what his/her lil face will look like!)
  • And one of the best parts of this week…I’m 20 weeks down with only 19 to go!! (So crazy.)

That’s about it…I promise I’ll be blogging about more than just Baby Grand’s updates! More coming this week, in fact. Can’t wait! Thanks for journeying along with our growing babe! Can’t wait to introduce him/her to everyone! Xoxo

  • James German

    Hello Stuart and Jennifer.

    I am Stuart’s 4th cousin and just came across this site and I have been enjoying reading about you two. For the past ten years I have been working on a new Grandlienard family tree which has been published with a second edition now available. I first learned of you when I Googled the name Grandlienard on the internet and came across your pictures and impending marriage announcement. I quite often just look for the name Grandlienard to see what pops up and to my surprise here you are again. For the first time we have been able to document our Grandlienard ancestry back to about 1600. I have all the birth, marriage and death records covering our ancestors in Switzerland and by greatly expanding what was known about those ancestors and the descendants in America we have been able to create a very comprehensive family tree and correct some of the errors previously published by James Hook..
    I continue to gather data on the family an hope that someday I may impose upon you to help me with some of the more recent generations for your branch of the tree.

    Your names are included in my book and with the next Grandlienard just around the corner I hope to catch the event so I may include your child in our family tree.

    My great, great grandmother was Henriette Emelie Grandlienard, Abraham Louis Grandlienard II’s eldest child. She lived in Goshen Indiana and our family moved west to California in 1910. I live in Sebastopol, California.

    Take care, Jim German

    • James, wow that’s crazy that you found us through my blog! Thanks for your work on the family tree, I’m so glad you included us! It’s so fun to learn parts of the family that we hadn’t known about previously. We really appreciate you reaching out, and look forward to seeing your work on the family tree. Feel free to contact me again for any further information you want/need. Take care!