Baby Grand is Growing…Week 20.

Week 20

I cannot believe this week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy!! During the first trimester, when I was feeling so nauseous, it felt like each day lasted a whole month. But now it seems like I’ve blinked and I’m already half way through! Crazy.

I had planned on posting this on Monday, the first day of Week 20…I even had it all written up and everything. Buuuuut then Sunday morning I woke up with back pain that felt all too familiar. With tears in my eyes, knowing what could be coming if I was correct about what the pain meant, I told Stuart I thought I was getting a kidney stone. (I’ve had 5 previously, so I’m a pro at detecting what the pain feels like…) 

I tried to handle the pain, not wanting to go to the ER, and hoped the stone would pass on it’s own, but it got to a point where I was in so much pain no position was comfortable, and it was getting to the “excruciating” point. It’s a good thing I went into the hospital because it was by far the worst of all the kidney stones I’ve ever had. I won’t give too many gruesome details, but it was so bad, I had to spend the night in the hospital. 

Kidney Stone

The upside (yes, there was an upside!) was that we were actually taken to the maternity ward since I was a day away from being 20 weeks pregnant. It was kind of nice to have a dry run of what being in the maternity ward will be like in 5 months…experiencing massive amounts of pain and having Stuart there as my support! He even spent the night with me and was thrilled to find that the pull out bed/chair thing was actually really comfortable and enabled him to get a fairly good night’s sleep! Seriously though, he was so amazing!! He massaged my back, held my hair back during multiple bouts of one of the “side effects” of kidney stones, and didn’t judge my loopiness after getting pain meds. He was my total hero, and I’m so glad he’ll be there by my side in 5 months!

Anyway, back to baby… Monday was also the day of my big 20 week ultrasound! It was amazing to get another glimpse of our little one squirming around, and to see different parts of their little, growing body. The doctor said everything looked perfect and healthy! I wish we had some fun pictures of our little one to share, but due to his/her position (face down and towards my back) they weren’t able to get a good profile picture. But we’re going back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound so they can get better pictures of certain parts of his/her body. (I’m not complaining though…I love seeing his/her little body squirm around!) 

Now, to answer the question I know we’ll be getting a lot…yes, we found out whether it’s a boy or a girl :) BUT…no we’re not revealing it quite yet! (this is one of those moments when the hashtag #sorryimnotsorry seems very fitting…) We’re going to reveal the gender at my PA baby shower in November. (That is, as long as I can keep “he” or “she” from slipping! So far, so good…)

As much as we’ve been able to see of our little one, and now knowing whether we’re having a son or daughter, (I don’t mean to tease…I promise I’ll share as soon as the baby shower is over!) it’s so comforting to realize that God knows a million times more about our peanut than we do. He’s the one who knit together our little one’s body, and continues to make him/her stronger and bigger. Our babe is far from fully formed, but God already knows exactly what he/she looks like…down to the number of hairs on his/her head (or lack there of!) and what they will look like in the coming years. I love resting in this truth!

“My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.”

Psalm 139:15-16

And now onto the new things about baby this week: 

  • This week marks when baby’s length is measured from their head to their toes (instead of their head to their bum), so this week baby g measures about 10 inches long, or about the size of a banana. Crazy that he/she is almost a whole foot long!!
  • He/she weighs about 10.6 ounces.
  • At this point, all organs are grown, and he/she is looking much more baby-ish…so most of their energy is focused on gaining weight and growing strong.
  • Speaking of growing strong, Baby G’s kicks and movements have DEFINITELY been growing stronger! He/she is getting a lot more active, and Stuart and I have both felt a ton of his/her kicks! This is such a fun and sweet part of pregnancy, and is definitely making it more and more real!

We love our little one so much already, and love being able to experience the love all of you have for him/her already as well! Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and encouragement as we walk through this journey of parents-to-be!