Baby Grand is Growing // 30 Weeks

30 Weeks

I took the week off from blogging last week, but I’m super excited to jump back into it with Baby Grand’s 30 week update! I know I say this every week, but I canNOT believe I’m at 30 weeks already!! Only 10 more to go! I was just telling Stuart I remember when I was only 10 weeks along, and how far away everything seemed. And now it seems like everything is happening at lightning speed! 

This week was especially fun since Stuart and I had our maternity pictures done! As some of you may have seen on Facebook, our friend Jennifer Grush did an AMAZING job, (you’d NEVER know we were her first maternity shoot ever!!) and some of her photos are below. She even took some extra special pictures that we’re going to use for revealing Baby G’s gender after my baby shower this Saturday! 

Baby G’s update this week: 

  • Baby G is about 16″ long, and weighs almost 3 lbs! 
  • Baby G is now able to see, and even though it’s dark inside my uterus, his/her eyes are wide open and scoping out the environment. (Doesn’t seem like there’s much to see inside there though…)
  • Baby G’s brain is growing rapidly this week, and because of this, he/she won’t gain much weight or height this week.
  • Red blood cells are now forming in Baby G’s bone marrow.
  • The hair on his/her head is growing thick! (If he/she will be born with any…)
  • Fluid is forming inside the air sacks in Baby G’s lungs to help with his/her first breath at birth. 
  • Over the next few weeks, Baby G will (hopefully) be positioning him/herself head down, in preparation for birth. 
  • Baby G is now strong enough to grasp a finger! (Ahhh I cannot wait to experience that for the first time!)

And now some fun pictures from our photo shoot!

Hands Heart

Prego Just Me Collage

Lap Picture


Future AIA Athlete