Baby Grand is Growing // 28 Weeks

28 weeks

Ok, so evidently THIS WEEK is the beginning of my third trimester. One of my apps told me that week 26 is the beginning of the third trimester…AND if you do the math with 40 weeks being full term, 26 weeks would be the start. But oh well, I’m officially in it now! :)

I know I keep saying that Baby Grand and my belly bump are getting huge…but you guys, it’s like REALLY huge this week. I’m sure I’ll keep saying that every week because obviously it’s going to keep growing. But there are a lot of times I feel my belly and I seriously can’t imagine Baby being any bigger inside there! 

This is the first week that I’m supposed to begin counting kicks, and for good reason…it feels as if Baby G is kicking ALL.THE.TIME. And I absolutely love it! Luckily, it hasn’t kept me up at night, or prohibited sleep (although, needing to go to the bathroom 5 times a night is doing that plenty!) but from what I hear that could start happening anytime. 

Baby G’s updates this week: 

  • Baby G is about the size of a papaya…about 15″ long and weighing 2.5 lbs. 
  • Baby’s eyes are continuing to open more often, and he/she is practicing blinking more and more. He/she can also recognize different levels of light, even inside the womb! 
  • Baby’s eyes are beginning to get some color, although final pigmentation won’t become official until they’re exposed to light. (Wonder what he/she will have…blue eyes like Stuart, hazel eyes like me, or something all of his/her own!)
  • Lungs are continuing to grow stronger, and are almost ready for those first few breaths and cries upon birth. 
  • If Baby G was born this week he/she would have a 95% chance of survival! Although we’re obviously praying for a full term baby, it’s so great to know that if Baby decided to enter the world this early, he/she would have a fighting chance!
  • I’d also like to say that my pregnancy app said one of my pregnancy “symptoms” this week on is “pregnancy brain.” IT’S REAL!!! Although I feel like I’ve been “suffering” from it since I got pregnant…at least I have something official telling me there’s a reason for my increased forgetfulness ;)

12 weeks left friends. That’s 3 months. Ahhh I can’t believe it! (Oh and not to mention, only 3 weeks left until I reveal if there’s a boy or girl in there!!)