Baby Grand is Growing // 27 Weeks

27 Weeks

27 weeks. The closer I get to 30 weeks, the more insane it feels. (And the more active Baby Grand seems to get!!) I can’t believe we’re less than 3 months away from my due date! I still feel like there’s SO much to do, and so little time. But I know that God is taking care of all 3 of us, and everything will come together in His timing. 

It’s been neat to see how God has been preparing Stuart and me for parenthood over the past few years. This may sound weird, but getting a puppy was definitely a good introduction to parenthood. (Some of you moms out there are probably rolling your eyes at me! Ha.) But keeping a watchful eye on Stella before she was potty trained, letting her out throughout the night (which I’ll admit, Stuart did 90% of the time…) and keeping her fed and happy, definitely felt like a full-time job.

There were multiple days when I called Stuart to tell him I felt like a stay-at-home mom already. And there were days when I felt so overwhelmed and thought we had gotten ourselves in way over our heads. But now Stella has become one of the biggest blessings in our lives, and I can’t imagine life without her. Some days I get sad because I know Baby Grand will replace her in many ways, but I hope that there will always be a tender spot in my heart for our “first baby.” (Who also turned 2 on Tuesday!!)  

Stella Collage

One of the other ways that I feel we’ve gotten some “real life” preparation, is that Stuart and I have had the blessing of helping out friends of ours by babysitting their 5 month old baby girl, Madalyn. It’s been so fun to “play” Mommy and Daddy with Stuart and see how he lights up around her. He even said the other day that he’s glad we’ve had this opportunity so he can experience a taste of fatherhood before being thrown into it.

He’s learned how to change a diaper, (and it was a poopy one at that!) put her down for a nap, (the other day she woke up 30 minutes into her nap, and he rocked her back to sleep where she remained for another hour!) and calm her fussiness (which isn’t often…she’s a pretty awesome babe). It’s made me SO excited to see Stuart with our own lil one, and fall even more in love with who he is as a father. 

Stuart & Mad

Stuart & Mad 2

Mad & Me

Stell & Mad

Even Stell got a piece of the babysitting action! (She’s still figuring it out…)

Baby Grand’s 27 Week Update:

  • Baby Grand is about the size of a rutabaga, (whatever kind of fruit that is!) about 15″ long and weighing around 2lbs! 
  • Due to Baby Grand’s increasing size, the amniotic fluid amount is decreasing slightly…meaning I’ll be feeling his/her movements even stronger. 
  • Like previous weeks, Baby Grand will continue practicing the sucking reflex, preparing for nursing.
  • Baby Grand’s neurons and brain tissue are developing rapidly and the brain waves are working like a newborn’s. (pretty cool!!)
  • Even though Baby Grand’s skeleton is completely developed, his/her joints are not yet connected. 
  • Baby Grand’s immune system, liver and lungs are still continuing to develop and preparing to function on their own.
  • Baby Grand’s tiny eyelids have begun to open and the retinas have begun to develop. (I wonder if he/she will have my eyes or Stuart’s eyes!)

That’s it for this week…pretty cool to see how Baby’s development is getting closer and closer to what it will be like when he/she is born! Can’t wait to meet that little person! Thanks for following along and loving on our lil babe already.