Baby Grand is Growing // 25 Weeks

25 Weeks

25 weeks, friends. 25!! That means only 15 to go! INSANITY. Every week that passes by, I just can’t believe how close it’s getting to meeting this little person! (And then I precede to get super nervous about labor, birth and actually having to care for the entire life of another person…) But none the less, I’m so excited and feeling so blessed to have this little life inside of me. 

25 weeks is a pretty big week for Baby Grand with lots of continued changes, and lots of brain growth. Here are just a few of the things happening this week in his/her little body:

  • Baby Grand’s memory is beginning to develop, meaning that music and voices will leave an impression on him/her. (It’s CRAZY to think our little babe will be able to recognize our voices when he/she is born!!) Time to start singing and reading even more to our little peanut!
  • Baby Grand’s spine has 1000 ligaments, 150 joints and 33 vertebrae! I can’t believe our babe is already that intricately designed. Our God is so amazing.
  • Blood vessels are developing inside his/her lungs and his/her nostrils are beginning to open. (I wonder what amniotic fluid smells like…)
  • Baby’s hands are fully developed, and loud noises can prompt him/her to cover their ears with their hands! Ugh I wish I could see that! Cutest ever. 
  • The cerebral cortex, the part of baby’s brain that is responsible for emotions, reasoning, planning and the ability to solve problems is the most prominent part of the brain right now. 

Last weekend, I was also blessed to have my first baby shower, thrown by my mother-in-law! We had great food, the room was set up SUPER cute, and I got to spend time with some of Stuart’s family. Thanks to everyone who came out and blessed our little one with gifts! We can’t wait to start using all these fun baby items :) 

Baby Shower1Baby Shower 2