Baby Grand is Growing // 24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Not a whole lot to report on Baby Grand this week. We know from our ultrasound last week that Baby G is 1 lb 6 oz, and about a foot long. Here are a few new things on Baby G for this week:

  • Baby G’s hair is slowly beginning to turn the color it will be at birth (if he/she will have any that is!). 
  • Baby G will double his/her weight in the next four weeks! (Guess I can get ready for a rapidly growing belly!)
  • Baby G’s lungs are continuing to develop and get ready for those first gulps of fresh air on the outside.
  • Now that Baby G’s hearing is getting more developed, loud noises can startle him/her even inside the womb. I can’t say that I’ve felt this sudden jolt quite yet, but there’s definitely a pup in the house (and 3 when we’re at my mom’s!) that loves the bark at random sounds, so we’ll see if Baby G ever reacts to those barks!

And now, incase you missed my insta pic of Baby G’s cute little profile from our ultrasound last week, here’s a couple pics of our cute peanut!

Baby G

Baby G 2

And we can’t forget this baby…at least ONE of us can enjoy laying on her back right now!!