A Walk Across the Sun.

I’ve recently been reading a ton. I think mainly because we’ve been traveling a lot, and since you have to turn off all electronics while flying it makes sense to me to bring along a good book. But that’s really just an excuse because I’m a huge not-so-secret book nerd.

About a month ago I read the book, “A Walk Across the Sun.” It follows two young sisters from India, Ahalya and Sita who lose their entire family in a tsunami. While trying to get to the safety of a convent, they were kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. I understand from that description it probably sounds like a really depressing or graphic book, but it honestly was neither. Through a series of events, a lawyer named Thomas Clark gets involved in their case and I won’t give away the ending, but even though there are sad events, it ends really happy. Like, I-was-crying-so-hard-I-could-hardly-read-happy.

But even more than the touching storyline, there was a quote towards the end of the book that really hit me:

“The war can be won. But not by putting traffickers in jail. Trafficking will stop when men stop buying women. Until that happens, the best we can do is win one battle at a time.”

Now I understand that this story is unlike so many true stories in that it ends happily. But I also think there is a truth to this quote that the war doesn’t start in the brothels. It starts in the human heart. So often we blame the sex trade on the pimps and brothel owners, when the real problem is with regular people all over the world who spend their time and money buying women.

Whether that be through buying virgin girls in the sex trade, or whether it be something as “common” as watching and purchasing pornography. It definitely brings the battle into our own backyards instead of only in exotic places like India and other countries. It’s all about supply and demand.

I know this is only touching on the tip of the iceberg with the sex trade, but I was thankful this book wasn’t just a fluffy story, but it actually made me think about how we can make a difference in a way that doesn’t mean moving over to India and storming into brothels. Although that would be pretty awesome.