A Different Kind of Love Story.

A Different Kind of Love Story

I used to dream of meeting my knight in shining armor in a castle, and being whisked off into the sunset on horseback. (After he saved me from the evil witch, who kidnapped me from my royal parents of course.) Yes, I used to watch waaaay too many chick flicks and Disney movies…and no, the girl in the picture below is not me.

knight and princess

But I really did dream of having my very own, special love story. And I would pray and ask God for exactly that. A love story. But what I didn’t realize was that I was already living in a love story. And no I’m not talking about Stuart…

There’s another man. One who loved me enough to give up his throne. To go to an incredibly desolate place compared to where he came from. A man who gave up every treasure he owned, to be poor, without even a place to lay his head. He walked around for 3 years telling everyone who would listen, and sometimes those who didn’t understand, just how much he loved me. Then one day, he knew he was going to have to sacrifice everything. His own life. So that I could have a better life. An everlasting life. A life I couldn’t have any other way than through his sacrifice.

And then, 3 days later, just when you’d think the story was over and it was just another tear-jerker, he was alive! Walking, talking, and proving to everyone that since he loved me so much, instead of defeating a wicked witch, he defeated death itself. Even though it meant being separated from his own Father, experiencing his Father forsaking him. And he did all of this so that we could be together one day…and “live happily every after.”

Happily Ever After

When you hear that, it sounds straight out of a love story fit for the big screen, doesn’t it? And the best part is that it’s 100% true. It’s not a movie or a reality show, it’s real life. A man named Jesus really did leave his Heavenly throne to come down and be a simple man, in order to show the world just how much He loved them. He knew even before He relinquished his thrown that He was going to face the worst possible death, one concocted by the Romans, by means of hanging on a cross. But it didn’t matter, there was no feat too great for him to face if it meant being able to spend “happily ever after” with anyone who would accept his sacrificial gift. And he really did defeat death and rise from the dead. No, he wasn’t a zombie, he was Jesus: fully God and fully human (a concept my mind will never understand!). And he is Love.

Last Tuesday my story on how I met Stuart was featured on my friend Elise’s blog. (You can read it here.) And although I absolutely love our story, and feel so special when I think about how Stuart pursued my heart throughout our dating relationship and into our marriage, my truly favorite part was how, through it all, I felt so loved by Jesus.

He loves me in a way no one else can, including Stuart. (Although Stuart loves me really well too!) And just because He isn’t sitting next to me on the couch, speaking to me in English words, doesn’t mean His love isn’t still a part of my daily life. He’s there in the tears, the smiles, the laughter, the frustration, the sadness and the joy. He knows me better than I know myself, and every good and perfect thing I experience in my life is from Him. Stuart included. 

My hope is that you can experience this love story too. It really is better than any chick flick, reality show or even Valentine’s Day date out there. It’s real, and true, deep and perfect.

I’d love to hear your own love story with Jesus if you want to comment below or email me. And if you haven’t yet experienced this love story, but want to know more about how you can, please feel free to contact me and we can chat about it, no pressure.

Romans 5:8