A Daring Adventure.

The morning I launched this blog from the Orlando airport, I came home to the sweetest, “Welcome to the Blogging World” care package from my friend Elise. It was complete with snazzy pens and a little matching notebook, giant paper clips “just for fun,” a gorgeous scarf – because, “bloggers wear scarves” (um, why didn’t I become a blogger years ago?!) and gift cards to some of her favorite spots. How great is she, right?!

She also wrote me a little note with a little explanation of each item. (Of course I folded the card to fit it in the box and then realized it would be great for a blog pic…guess you learn things along the way with blogging!) Anyway, Elise is just the best. But the front of the card really hit home for me, especially in this hectic and emotional week of moving out of our beloved Columbus townhouse.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Helen Keller

Like I said in my post about Change, for the past few years my life has been in constant transition. And this week is no different. We are packing up, moving out of Columbus and moving in with our parents while we raise funds for our ministry with Athletes in Action. After we have raised enough funds, we will be moving to our new ministry location (to be revealed on the blog next week!) to start a new life, in a new city, with new jobs, new friends and new surroundings.

Talk about a daring adventure! I mean, I can imagine every day was a daring adventure for Helen Keller, with the difficulties she faced in every day life. But for me, someone who likes consistency and hates change, it feels like each of these new changes are daring adventures in and of themselves.

But honestly, I’d take a life full of daring adventures over a life of boring consistency any day!

I say Bring. It. On. (complete with pom poms and spirit stick…)