A Bible You Can Cuddle.

I have always LOVED to read. When I was younger I remember being so engrossed in one of the Harry Potter books, (at one of those really intense, “will Harry get killed this time??” moments,) that when my mom opened my bedroom door, I jumped off the bed and the book went flying from my hands. I love getting so lost in a book it felt like you were living life in those pages. 

Baby Faces Book Collage

One of my hopes for Knox is that he will fall in love with reading as much as I did. (Looks like he’s well on his way!) I know so much of our culture spends its’ time in front of the TV, but I want him to experience the creativity of picturing what the characters look like, instead of that information being easily provided for him on a screen. I want him to realize the importance of WORDS, both spoken and read. And I especially hope he can grow up with an immense love for the Bible. 

We already have a couple versions of the Bible for him, The Jesus Storybook Bible and my very own Beginner’s Bible from when I was little. But when I came across Tiny Bear’s Bible on a blogging for books site, I fell in love with it. (I mean how can you not, when it’s a Bible you can both read AND cuddle with?!)

Tiny Bear's Bible

Written by the same author as The Jesus Storybook Bible, Tiny Bear’s Bible is cuddly on the outside with a cover made of fur and a cute bear face on the front, perfect for little kids to carry around! Its’ cardboard pages hold 12 rhyming, adorable stories, straight from the Bible. It even includes which chapter from the Bible the story is taken.

Each story has a little message at the end as if it’s written directly to “Tiny Bear,” which makes it easy for kids to figure out how that story specifically impacts their life. For exactly the reason The Jesus Storybook Bible became “famous,” each story in Tiny Bear’s Bible points kids to Jesus, His character and immense love for them. I have already read a few stories to Knox, and really look forward to him growing in understanding of what the stories mean for him and how much he’s loved by Jesus.

Tiny Bear Collage

I pray over Knox’s little life every night as I rock him to sleep, and one of my biggest prayers is that he will learn from an early age how much he is loved. By Daddy, Mommy but most importantly, by Jesus. I can’t wait to sing “Jesus Loves Me,” “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” “The Archy Archy,” (about Noah’s Ark) and other fun songs about Jesus with him, and I just know this book will become a fun way for him to learn about Jesus. 

                        xoxo jenn


Disclaimer: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.