5 Things Fridays.

5 Things Fridays

Today is the 2nd day in a row of very rainy, dreary days. I know there are people out there who love the rain, (they probably live in Seattle) but I am NOT one of them. I know we need the rain to keep things growing and healthy, but rainy days really affect my mood. All I feel like doing is lounging in sweats, reading books and drinking coffee. But hey, it’s Friday! And Fridays are the best. So there’s that.

I decided to start a new series called “5 Things Fridays,” where I just share 5 random things on my mind. Because Fridays are supposed to be light and fluffy right?

  1. Post-Disney World Depression is real. Ok, I know this isn’t exactly “light and fluffy” but it’s serious you guys. When you return from the “happiest place on earth” to cold, wet, northern Indiana, depression is sure to follow. But as they say, “all good things must come to an end.” And that’s why we have cameras, so we can always look back on the fun memories and relive them through pictures.
  2. I’m totally that girl that picks out all the M&M’s in trail mix. This may seem incredibly random, but it’s not. Stuart and I made our own trail mix for a healthy snack in Disney, and I just really like pairing a peanut or an almond with an M&M. It’s almost as good as chocolate covered peanuts or almonds. Almost.
  3. Stuart bought me a “just because” rose a couple days ago, and it made me so happy. I love little “love gestures” like that, and hope to figure out more ways to show him how much I care in little ways.
  4. Stuart and I just got hooked on the new show Chicago P.D. (As if we don’t have enough shows to watch already.) But I’m not gonna lie…one of the main reasons I wanted to start watching it, is because Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill is in it. She was always my favorite Tree Hill-an.
  5. I’m starting a new co-series with Elise from Sunday Charm next week, and I’m super excited about it!! Being married to BFFs and blogging are what brought us together, but I’ve also realized that I’ve come to really love her friendship. We’re starting the series off with a bang, so stay tuned :)

That’s all for today, hope you all have a fab weekend!


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