Learning How to Wife // Cleaning

Last weekend, Stuart and I went to Family Life‘s marriage conference, “A Weekend to Remember.” A few couples from our church all decided to go together, and it was really fun. Stuart and I attended our first “Weekend to Remember” 6 months into our marriage, so this experience was a lot different. Back then, we were figuring out all the “newness” of marriage and living life together, such as communication, daily forgiveness and grace, how best to love each other and what true intimacy means. 

Now that we’re 3 1/2 years in, all wise and sage in the ways of marriage, we realized we were still in the process of learning, you guessed it: communication, daily forgiveness and grace, how best to love each other and what true intimacy means.

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Children’s Book Reviews

Night Night, Farm by Amy Parker

I’m a huge fan of Amy Parker’s book, and this one does not disappoint! In addition to her rhyming words, colorful pictures and sweet mentions of mommies, daddies and God, this book has a touch-and-feel concept on each spread for little learners! From moo moo cows to oink oink piggies, to kittens wanting one more sip of milk, to lambs counting sheep in their dreams, it’s an adorable book that will help make some sweet bedtime memories for parents and children!

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Entertainment Book Reviews

Amazing Animal Facts Postcards by Maja Safstrom


I know this isn’t technically a book, but I received these postcards from the publisher in exchange of an honest review. And let me tell you, these animal postcards are the cutest ever! They’re black and white so you can color them, and they offer cute and funny facts about a bunch of different animals!

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