Our Grand Life 2.0 // Part Two

You ready for another giveaway??? I’ll take that as a yes, [who doesn’t love free stuff??!]

I may have shared before that learning my way around the kitchen wasn’t one of those things that just came easy to me. Both my parents are excellent cooks, and have done more than their fair share to teach me how to cook, but when I got married, it still took me a long time to figure everything out.

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So many good books!! I can’t wait to share my latest reading list with you! 

Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li

This book is amazing. Set in a Chinese restaurant, the Beijing Duck House, that not only is beloved by anyone who steps foot in its door, it’s also a world of its own. The owners and workers are like a family, and similar to a family, there is drama galore. 

Whether it be owner, Jimmy Han wishing to leave his late father’s establishment for a fancier one, or Jimmy’s older brother, Johnny and Johnny’s daughter, Annie working through their own issues, or Annie’s relationship with employee, Nan’s son Pat causing trouble. 

When tragedy strikes and Annie and Pat are implicated, everyone will ban together to figure out just how far you are willing to go for family. 

This book was so enjoyable, I want to read it all over again!

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