On pushing back deadlines and other ramblings.


Ever felt really overwhelmed by something? If you’re human and breathing, I’ll assume you said yes.

This past weekend, I planned on writing a blog post on something I’m really passionate about: FOOD. Not cooking it, or even eating it necessarily, but the struggle I’ve have with it. I have books I’m referencing, 2 friends I interviewed, and 27 years of experience of a love/hate relationship with the stuff.

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CrossFit: Cult or Community?


By now most people have heard of CrossFit. And most of the time, they’ve heard both good and bad things about it. Whether or not you’ve actually attempted the sport, you probably know it’s an intense workout involving heavy weights, weird jargon such as “WOD” and that it calls itself the “sport of fitness.” You may also know lots of people have very strong opinions about it, to the point where they claim it’s a cult.

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Becoming Small.

Be the lens, not the focus

There are people who love to be in the limelight, and people who shrink away from it. When I think of the former, I think of the class clown jokesters, who are constantly vying for everyone’s attention. Although I wouldn’t describe myself that particular way, I don’t necessarily mind attention when it’s given to me. I remember friends who, before getting married, talked about being nervous to be the center of attention on their wedding day.  

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I saw this picture on a blog post, and it totally convicted my current, “I hate winter and I hate the snow,” attitude. I’ve never been one to trash talk winter, but yesterday we got another dusting of snow here in Indiana, and when I saw it I got all pouty and annoyed. I don’t want more snow. I’m ready for spring.

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Scenes from Snowpocalypse ’14.


Snowy walk

Snowy walk





  • It may have been below freezing, but the snow really was quite beautiful and serene.
  • Stuart and I braved the cold for a little walk. We may have looked crazy, but no one could recognize us anyway.
  • Sometimes you just have to bask in the quiet, peaceful scenery.
  • With no power for 9+ hours, we were REALLY thankful for a working fireplace, which gave us a warm living room to relax in.
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Dear Mr. Knightley.

Dear Mr. Knightley

Maybe it’s because football was on ALLLLLLL day New Year’s Day, maybe it’s because this was a really good book, but I read this entire book in a day and a half. It was light, enjoyable, and happy, the perfect book to start off the New Year.

I won’t give away too much, but one of my favorite parts is that the main character, Samantha Moore, is obsessed with reading the classics, primarily, Jane Austen.

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#lifewithoutfilters: Let’s Be Real.

authentic culture

Now that it’s a few days into 2014, I’m really loving my theme for this year:


As I’ve thought about how I can be more intentional in my everyday life, I’ve thought a lot about how that can translate onto this blog. This made me start thinking about what kind of blogs I enjoy reading the most. Besides the DIY, home improvement and book list blogs, I really enjoy reading blogs where the author is being vulnerable and real about their life.

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